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The Seven Pillars of Wellbeing


Flourish will assess each mentee along these seven pillars and offer her tailored services, according to her individual wellbeing needs. 

Emotional:  stress and self esteem

Flourish offers one-to-one and peer mentoring longer term.

Social: relationships with friends, family, partners

Flourish offers peer sessions, group workshops and private chats.

Intellectual: engage in skills, plan for your future

Flourish offers pragmatic and life skills workshops.

Physical: healthy eating, exercise and sleep

Flourish offers realistic individualised plans and group workshops to build healthier lifestyles.

Occupational: healthy work/life balance

Flourish offers tailored plans and workshops geared towards personal goals like universities, jobs and apprenticeships.

Spiritual: value and purpose in life

Flourish offers plans and support to uncover your path and passions, whatever they may be!

Environmental: personal safety at home, work and school

Flourish offers workshops, plans and private chats to help you speak up and be empowered.

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