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Young women - Mentees 

Flourish will contact you, match you to a mentor or a workshop and it is free, easy and hopefully fun! 

It might mean a cup of coffee (or tea!) with your mentor, but please just take the first step and come and meet us.  

We welcome anyone, whatever issues or problems you have, big or small.

Go on then!  If you feel shy, do it with a friend and we can support you and your peer too.

Flourish offers you a safe space where we can:


  • mentor you

  • help you in school, university or work

  • help with applications

  • problem solve with relationships

  • give you tools to de-stress

  • be healthier

  • plan better

  • figure out your path in life, dream bigger

Let us help you feel less overwhelmed and more empowered! 


Volunteer - Mentors

If you feel like you would like to support a young woman, we welcome all life experiences regardless of counselling experience.  We are not looking for therapists but rather want diverse life experiences to help young women and their everyday struggles.  

If you would like to support a young woman as a mentor or offer workshops, please contact us. 

We also offer a programme of support and induction for our mentors so that you feel equipped for your role.  We hope to be a community for each other as well as for the mentees!

Flourish would like to offer you a sense of support, community and connection with each other and your mentee.  

We will offer you:

  • induction 

  • mentee resources

  • twice a year reunions 

  • optional workshops to top-up your skills

  • a sense of purpose and community

Flourish welcomes you and thanks you for your gift to a young woman to help her dream and flourish!

Get Involved

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