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We mentor and support every young woman (16 to 25 years), no matter what your background and needs, to flourish! 


We are a Brighton and Hove based non-profit organisation (Registered Charity E&W: 1197095) providing free tailored programmes for young women (or non-binary) who face challenges in their personal, educational and professional lives. We have recently been supported by a grant from the Red Hill Trust and the Pearce Foundation, in partnership with BHASVIC, Cardinal Newman and Brighton College. We are also supported by Bungards Funeral Directors.

Letter from Peter Kyle MP

   Let us help you with...

  • relationships with friends, family, partners

  • revealing your inner passions

  • feeling better within your self (body, mind, connection with others)

  • skills, like CVs, drama, networking, uni applications

  • going to uni or applying for a job 

  • learning how to speak up

  • being okay with my own company

  • finding your path, whatever that is!

Flourish thanks you for your gift to help mentor every young woman to achieve her dreams

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