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We mentor and support every young woman (16 to 25 years), no matter what your background and needs, to flourish! 


We are a Brighton and Hove based non-profit organisation (Registered Charity E&W: 1197095) providing free tailored programmes for young women (or non-binary) who face challenges in their personal, educational and professional lives. We have recently been supported by a grant from the Red Hill Trust and the Pearce Foundation, in partnership with BHASVIC, Cardinal Newman and Brighton College.

Letter from Peter Kyle MP

   Let us help you with...

  • relationships with friends, family, partners

  • revealing your inner passions

  • feeling better within your self (body, mind, connection with others)

  • skills, like CVs, drama, networking, uni applications

  • going to uni or applying for a job 

  • learning how to speak up

  • being okay with my own company

  • finding your path, whatever that is!

Flourish thanks you for your gift to help mentor every young woman to achieve her dreams

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